1. Fractional Marketing Services

Get the C-suite marketing help you need without hiring and paying for a C-suite employee. 

Choose the package option that works best for your stage and business season.

The Advisor:
Your Strategic Ally

(Strategy + Accountability)

For founders and companies shy of their first million in revenue or with limited financial resources. Get a custom marketing strategy to get 3x the growth in 3 months while staying lean. 

Phase 1: Deep Dive Audit & Strategy formation

Duration: The first 30-45 days

This process involves a comprehensive auditing of your current marketing campaign, team capabilities, sales, lead generation efforts, customer avatar, and competitor research.  

Based on the data collected from this audit, we’ll create a customized marketing strategy that involves: 


Identifying the top opportunity that will make the biggest impact on your revenue 


Identifying the gaps that need to be filled (team, hiring, existing resources, marketing tactics)


Outlining the top revenue goal for the quarter


Identifying the top KPIs in order to meet the revenue goal 


Getting stakeholders buy-in on the KPIs and marketing strategy outlined

Phase 2: Strategy Deployment & Optimization

Duration: 30-60 days

We’ll guide your team as they deploy the marketing strategy, offer weekly check-ins for accountability, measure the effectiveness of said strategy, and optimize along the way.  

 Minimum time commitment: 90 days 

Deliverables you’ll receive:

Kick-off call: A 60 minute call with the client and their leadership team, where we’ll outline the expectations, deliverables, and communication cadence for the first 30 days of engagement and the remaining engagement thereafter. 

Due Diligence Discovery: You’ll have an understanding of your client’s competitors – the products or services that they sell, what they’re doing to market them and how they are differentiated from your client – which you can use to strengthen your client’s avatar definition and targeting, positioning, and campaign strategy, and even brainstorm improvements to the product offerings.


Optimized offer document: Your complete list of existing (and new) offers optimized and primed for more sales and impact (post Due Diligence Discovery)

Voice of Customer (VoC) surveys: Survey results from 100+ current customers where they answer an open-ended question designed for them to describe the biggest challenges that they’re facing or the biggest benefits that they get from the product or service, for the purpose of orienting the product/service’s positioning using the customers’ own words

Customer Persona Profiles: 3-5 Customer Avatars, or ideal customer personas, are defined to be tested and used to position marketing creative. Incorporate input from the leadership team and the VoC surveys. 

Customer Marketing Map: The current and recommended customer journeys from lead to sale are mapped from traffic source through each conversion event, noting marketing activities and automations that support. This map will be used to guide the build of the recommended customer journey with the team.

KPI scorecard: A spreadsheet in the style of a Scorecard for tracking marketing’s most important KPIs with owners, goals, sums, averages, and results week-over-week to report on the success of the system and campaigns, and to track when you anticipate outcomes to be hit or missed and proactively make changes to the plan.

Marketing Calendar: A calendar of dates including events and holidays that present marketing opportunities for the business for the next 3-6 months, to be prioritized in the Priority of Marketing Campaigns.

Priority of marketing campaigns (executed within 100 days): A prioritized list of marketing campaigns that will drive results that you will use to lead the team in executing following the first 30 days.

Strategy Presentation Call: After Phase 1, we’ll present our insights and recommendations, specifically by walking through the core deliverables outlined above, and get the buy-in of the leadership team to start implementing the strategy. 

(Starts at $3,000/mo)

The Architect:
Your Triple Threat

(Strategy + Accountability + Done For You Marketing)

For 7-figure CEOs who need strategy,  strategy execution, and team accountability.  We act as an interim leader and embed a custom-build team with the experience to help you dominate your space. 

Everything in The Advisor Package


Done for You Marketing 

Our team of vetted experts will execute critical marketing-driven activities relevant to the project scope. 

Need an  email campaign? Done. 

Landing page optimized? No problem. 

No need to frantically search for an agency to handle your marketing needs. We’ll do it for you, saving you headaches and dollars. 

(Minimum at $5,000/mo)


Your funnel copy is out there for the world to see, but is it converting viewers into buyers?

Does it sound like your competitors? Does it demonstrate how you’re different? Convince perfect customers you’re the obvious choice?

If you need higher conversion rates from your website, landing pages, sales pages, or emails…

Then you definitely need a conversion copywriter’s eyes on your messaging. 

The good news? You may not need to overhaul all of your copy.

With a Copy Tune up (Copy Audit & Optimization process) you can get the quick fix your copy needs for conversion lifts and sales.  

“We’ve generated 6-figures of revenue in a single launch after she audited our sales copy and messaging. Highly recommend her!”

Laura and Amanda


I hired Amisha to audit the sales pages for two of my digital courses. I wanted to get a professional’s feedback before the pages went live. What I got was incredibly useful. I was blown away by the detailed feedback, suggestions that I was able to implement in under 10 minutes, and how Amisha seemed to have a natural understanding of my niche & how to best communicate my offers to my audience. Her audit went far beyond what I was expecting.


Sweet Funnel Strategy

The Copy Tune Up will review your copy for: 


Messaging organization 


Jargon, long-windedness, and customer focused copy


User experience (with some feedback on design)


Clarity, conciseness, and conversions (or lack thereof)

Here’s how this rolls: 

  1. You fill out a detailed intake form about the copy asset you want audited
  2. You will make payment (a ridiculously low investment of $997)
  3. I get to work

Here’s what you get within 2 weeks*:

    Comprehensive video review of your copy asset 


    A Google doc with copy recommendations and edits (for headlines, calls to action buttons, and body copy 


    Rewritten: headlines, sub-headlines, subject lines, intro copy, CTAs (remember it’s not a total rewrite!)

    Recommendations for your copy asset visuals (possible wireframe) 

    Here’s how we wrap up

    We get on a 30-minute follow up call to discuss the video review, recommendations doc, and answer your questions. 

    We end our call, with grinning faces, and virtual fist pumps.

    (You’re ready to sell your offer. Lots of it. Watch out world!)

    Want my eyes and brain on more than a landing page?

    Need an entire sales funnel audited, an email sequence or your entire site? 

    That takes longer than auditing a sales page for a digital course. 

    For copy audits that aren’t landing pages, please enter your details here.

    3. The Marketing Collective

    “We need a specialist for just one project and don’t want to go to an agency”

    “We’ve got a launch coming up in two months and our marketing unicorn just quit”

    “There’s so much to learn, marketing wise, and we don’t have all those roles filled in our company”

    When you work with our team of curated marketing experts, you can put your fears to rest and forge ahead with business as usual. 

    We offer specialized marketing services for B2B Companies 


    Conversion Copywriting


    Content Marketing




    Email & SMS Marketing 


    Marketing Automations


    Sales Funnel Builds

    How Does This Work?

    Based on your project needs and desired outcomes, we’ll pair you up  with the best-suited marketer to get the job done. We handle all the paperwork and payment processing, so you don’t have to. Lastly, we check in consistently throughout the project to ensure your success.