Are you a rapidly growing startup, organization, SMB that’s scaling past the $1 million mark?

Take your marketing from good to predictably great with Fractional CMO services

Very likely…

Your business craves marketing leadership

Regardless of your team’s size, we provide more than just guidance — we infuse your operations with a blend of structure, strategy, and leadership. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace a tailored approach that propels your marketing efforts to new heights.

Your business needs high-level guidance

An outsourced CMO isn’t just a leader; they’re the architect of your marketing success. Transform a fragmented team into a powerhouse with strategies, cohesive tactics, and a mission that propels your marketing objectives forward.

Your business has budget constraints

Opting for a fractional CMO is not just a cost-saving move; it’s a strategic investment in results. When every dollar matters, our model ensures efficiency, delivering impactful outcomes without breaking the bank.

Your business lacks data-driven marketing insights

As part of their leadership, a fractional CMO holds the team accountable using key performance indicators (KPIs). Metrics like sales are KPIs that measure the effectiveness of the team and its strategy.

You’ve put all your marketing generation efforts in ONE bucket

Relying solely on one tactic is like investing everything in a single stock – risky. Our strategic approach goes beyond unpredictable algorithms and rising costs. We explore alternatives that not only propel your business but also ensure stability in an ever-evolving landscape.

Your business needs a brand refresh.

Propel your business to new heights by positioning it as the unrivaled authority in your space. Our brand refresh goes beyond aesthetics; it crafts messaging that resonates with your ideal audience and captivates potential investors, making your business impossible to ignore.

We’ll work together to:


Discover your best opportunity, with the least friction and effort, that can be implemented in our time together to create quick-moving momentum in your business


Create predictable online growth systems by ensuring that you have the right team, right processes, and optimized brand presences to scale.


Innovate revenue streams, envision fresh ideas and capitalize on new market opportunities knowing that the core of your business is built on a rock-solid foundation.

And I’m not just talking about revenue – we take into account your time,
the legacy you’re creating and what in business brings you true joy. 

We take my experience and expertise, add it to your forward momentum, and we get results.

“What makes you different?”

I’ve had over 15 years of business experience running multiple companies of my own.

I have a diverse set of skills:


Traditional sales & marketing (good ol’ fashioned trade shows, focused global trade missions, B2B)


Digital marketing strategy 


Conversion copywriting for online product launches


Unique value proposition creation/forming the Big Idea


Conversion Rate Optimization


Customer Journey Mapping


Market research

Niches I’ve served:


Amazon Wholesale

Catholic psychology

WordPress coding

Love and intimacy





Health & Fitness

Interior Design

I’m obsessed with my clients’ businesses and go all-in. With me you get a custom strategy that works for your goals (not your competitor’s or the latest sensation on TikTok). I’m a smart use of your capital to scale up your business versus hiring a full-time CMO (that costs $175k or more).

“Why should I hire a fractional consultant and not an in-house CMO?”

While you may hire an in-house CMO for the long-term, maybe your business needs to fill the position temporarily. That’s when you need a fractional CMO.

If your business is in a transition period or in-between CMOs, an interim (a.k.a. fractional) CMO makes sure your marketing department operates at full capacity. 

Besides an outside, non-employee perspective is often fresh and just what a company needs to shake things up!

Here’s what Dr. Gregory Bottaro had to say:

“It was almost a consolation that she (Amisha) was not Catholic, because I knew she didn’t have any particular bias coming into work with me and my niche and my audience.”

As a result of Greg’s work with Amisha, he enrolled 450  new members (surpassing the original goal of 400 in a year) during the one-week launch.

A sweet MRR of $22,500.

Scale Rapidly with Fractional CMO Services… 

Without Expensive Full-Time Marketing Hires


Who I work with? 


Companies that have crossed the coveted $1 million mark and are growing. 

Niches: online education, professional services, memberships, and lifestyle brands.


    CEOs who are running their marketing teams instead of being CEOs.


    Companies that have a few marketing unicorns on their marketing teams (i.e., copywriter, content creator, social media strategist, SEO specialist, marketing manager, Facebook ads manager etc.) but lack leadership and strategy. 


    Companies that don’t have their customer journeys mapped out, or clear KPIs for their campaigns. 


    Companies that are second-guessing their marketing efforts because what used to work isn’t generating the ROI. They need an outside perspective instead of someone within the company who’s in constant “figure-it-out-mode.

    Quick snippets about me…

    Amisha Shrimanker, Fractional CMO


    Started and scaled a food marketing agency to 7-figures and beyond. 


    Strategized, wrote sales copy, and optimized online marketing campaigns for digital courses, memberships, and coaching programs.


    Team player and morale booster. I work alongside you and your team to implement change so you can continue to build your company.

    “Coming across someone else who takes so much pride in what they do is refreshing. She’s not doing just the bare minimum, what she was paid to do. She wants success for me as much as I do. I didn’t really care that she didn’t have a WordPress coding background. I just knew she’d do well.”

    Julia Taylor