Before my session with Amisha, I was feeling a little lost when it came to creating a funnel.  I understood the importance of them, but had no idea where to start, or what exactly to do.  Amisha helped map out my funnels step by step AND she reminded me that I had a ton of content that I could reuse, and didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.  I am grateful for my session with Amisha and recommend her to anyone else who is looking to make sense of how to create their own funnel and bring in some passive income already.

Angie da Rosa | Transformational Mindset Coach

Before my session with Amisha, my funnel was actually nonexistent. I knew it was necessary to have a funnel but I kept pushing it to the bottom of my to-do-list. 

I was overwhelmed with the amount of detailed back-end work I had to do in order to set up my funnel. So naturally, I just froze and did nothing. 

Amisha helped me with the step-by-step and the thorough understanding of each piece of the funnel. It was so clear and simple that I was finally able to see the big picture and have a good understanding of each step without feeling overwhelmed and instead being in control.
Linda Enoh Lelo | Empowerment Coach

Before working with Amisha, I was pretty overwhelmed by the idea of a lead magnet and funnel and everything that came along with creating one.  Amisha helped me not only understand them better, but gave me confidence and knowledge about how to create an effective funnel that converts.  She was patient when I was unclear, and completely transformed what would’ve been a stressful process going it alone, into something that was fun, easy and simple.  So grateful to have worked with her.  I would highly recommend Amisha for all your funnel needs!

Hannah B King | Business & Mindset Coach

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