I am thrilled to meet you because I can take a guess why you’re here (unless it’s by total accident).

You have a product (or an idea) – digital course, program, membership.

You know you need  high converting copy that does the heavy lifting for you…

The kind where your prospects whip out their wallets and punch in their credit card numbers to buy your products or services.

So whether it’s the 100 email headline swipe file…

Or the 5 point sales page framework….

Or the 50 ways to write a landing page….

You’ve got the tactics, frameworks, templates and your copywriting YouTube playlist to rely on.

And yet, the Blank Page Syndrome persists.

You second guess every word.

You pray that your prospects just ‘get it’.

Truth be told you just want to strategize, talk to clients and do the big vision stuff.

Leave the copy to someone else.

That someone else is me.

Hey there!

I’m Amisha Shrimanker

Wondering what’s conversion copy?

1. It’s when you dig, stalk, eavesdrop, observe and do whatever it takes to learn everything about your customers.

2. Use that information to write words that grip, arouse curiosity and evoke a “yes, please” response to your offers.

3. Stand out from your competition and cut through the digital noise, making your solution the ONLY solution worth paying for in your customer’s eyes.

Like what you’ve read so far?

Wanna give your copy the clicks and ca$h??

Let’s talk

I know what it’s like to start your own venture and make it wildly successful because I’ve done that twice; with no financial resources, no fancy Ivy league degrees and zero contacts.

Just lots of guts, gumption and glorious sales skills that I’ve honed over the years 🙂

All while raising a family and working from my kitchen table.

And if you think I’ve got it all figured out, then I owe you some truth bombs….

  •  I’ve had my ugly cry moments, my massive failures and moments where I just wanted to give up in my online business.
  • I was done playing by someone else’s rules.
  • I was done being ‘visible’ and not having much to show for it in my bank account.
  • But more than ever I was done living in feast or famine mode and not knowing where my next client was coming from.

And here’s what I believe to the core….

That while business is a numbers game, you don’t need a million people following you on Twitter and ‘liking’ you on Facebook to make money.

Far from it.

You too can have a freedom based business with a small list (albeit with ideal clients) or Social Media following.

You can attract 5-star quality clients to you with the right systems and compelling copywriting *wink wink*

You can automate your sales and make money on autopilot.

And that’s what my promise is to you.

Ready to get started? Did I hear you say “OMG Yes!”

Here are some tidbits about me:

  • I was born in India but spent my childhood growing up in Dubai in the 80s and the 90s. 
  • Got bit by the travel bug very early in life (at 6 months old) thanks to my parents, thankfully never got cured and travel is a BIG part of my life even today. 
  • I made my first sale when I was ten years old….I always knew it even then that I’d have my own business.
  • Married to an amazing man for over a decade and mom to two lovely brats.
  • Love to entertain friends and family and leave no stone unturned in the kitchen to serve finger lickin’ good food. 
  • I am my creative best when I’m sippin’ cappuccinos. 
  • I have an insatiable sweet tooth and can be easily bribed with chocolate (dark or milk).
  • I started my first business from scratch in international sales and went from zero to 7 figures in 6 years. 

and i love making an impact

here’s what happy clients say

Before my session with Amisha, I was feeling a little lost when it came to creating a funnel.  I understood the importance of them, but had no idea where to start, or what exactly to do.  Amisha helped map out my funnels step by step AND she reminded me that I had a ton of content that I could reuse, and didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.  I am grateful for my session with Amisha and recommend her to anyone else who is looking to make sense of how to create their own funnel and bring in some passive income already!

Angie da Rosa | Transformational Mindset Coach

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