Do you secretly covet the “I look ah-mazing” look with supermodel hair swaying in slo-mo?

That was yours truly, last Friday.

Sometimes a gal (mom with a bun) needs a pick me up moment. Plus it didn’t hurt that this salon was literally a 3 minute drive from my home.

With my hair done and ready to check out, I asked the front desk gal if I could sign up to receive their coupons. I do love a good deal now and then.

To which she replied: “We don’t have a mailing list because we are a small salon and can’t handle too many clients coming in”!

Now to a digital marketer, that is akin to committing a sin.

“No mailing list???”

Of all the reasons I’ve heard that people don’t have mailing lists, this one’s been a first.

“Can’t handle that many clients, so no point in getting a mailing list”

So if you’re a local business that would like to step up their lead generation and this is a concern that’s weighing in the back of your mind, today’s audio is for you!

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On this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The elements of a lead gen funnel for a local business.
  • The one thing your funnel needs to have to bust those “What if I have too many prospects?”
  • The email copy that will get prospects walking into your local business and buy.

Give it a listen and leave me some feedback.

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