2 years ago, I lay on the operating table, waiting to be anesthetized by the ICU nurse, and for my doctor to perform the C-section surgery.

Part giddy with excitement and part nervous, I thought to myself: “I can’t wait to meet my newborn daughter.

The next thought that immediately followed was: “I’m going to start my online business”

I have no idea why I even had that thought.

Especially because I had an existing (wildly successful) offline business.

You can chalk it up to pregnancy hormones or the after-effects of the Epidural.

(Side note: Ladies, if you’re giving birth, then the Epidural is your best friend!)

Fortunately, neither reasons were the culprit. And dramatic as it sounds, I made the all-in decision, then and there, to become an online entrepreneur.

And since, it’s been quite a journey of…..

Tears, sweat, chocolate chip cookies and multiple “I quit” moments….

Replaced every time with faith that: “I’m going to find my place in the online space.  No matter what.”

And find my place I did! Although the tears and chocolate chip cookies are a  regular feature.😝

If you’re thinking of starting your online business, and are where I used to be, then I feel you.

And that’s why today’s episode is for you.

Warning: This episode isn’t about mindset hacks. But it is about how to get started in the online space whether you’re an expert based business (read: coach), a service provider or an aspiring freelancer.

I talk about:

    • The 10 lucrative niches in the online marketplace to choose from (no more niche overwhelm).
    • The two ways you can get started and get clients – NOW (hello freedom lifestyle)!
  • The ONLY thing you need to do as the digital CEO to make money (this one’s so simple,but 99.9% entrepreneurs make it complicated.

Truth is, you can’t not afford to have an online presence if you have a business today.

So give today’s episode a listen and see how you can make your moolah in the digital economy.

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