Tick tock.
The countdown timer is racing and making its way to welcome 2018.
I’m a proponent for practicing daily gratitude and undoubtedly this practice is especially elevated (as it should be) when the countdown for a new year begins.
In addition to being grateful, it’s also a time to reflect the good and the not so good in the year that went by.
In today’s blog post, I want to focus on the three key areas that will help you move in the right direction and get you ready for a magnificent 2018.
If you haven’t had a terrific 2017, you can take the time to self-reflect, get in alignment and make iterations to crush your goals.
Had a mind blowing 2017?
Then doing these ‘x’ things can keep your momentum going and help you become an exceptional player in the game of business and life.
Be warned however that these areas relate to the non-businessy things so this blog post is bereft of tactics and strategies.
However if you want a phenomenal year so that you don’t even recognize your own life (in a good way!) then keep reading!
# 1 – Do Less
Sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it?
So by doing less wouldn’t that mean slowing down?
Because the ‘more’ that you’re doing is the reason you’re slowing down in the first place.
Work in your zone of genius.
Can’t deal with tech?
Can’t make customer service calls?
Can’t make your slides pretty?
Don’t waste time doing it yourself.
Get help.
Hire it out.
What about the ways to make money in your biz?
Don’t want to do webinars?
Then don’t!
Want to get clients solely the organic way? Have at it.
Want to make money with one profitable digital course and strip all other offers? Do it!
This is your business.
You don’t need to run it like everyone else.
Make money the way it feels good to you.
Think of your top five audacious goals (ones that are in alignment with your core genius) and go
after them like a lion after it’s prey.
# 2 – Get your body ready for battle
I know this sounds dramatic because you’re not a soldier and you have no battles per se to fight.
The ‘battle’ that I’m referring to in this context is the daily grind, the hustle, the constant demands on your time, the negativity, the failures.
You’re not immune to any of this (nor should you be).
Whether it’s your inner demons at work or the world at large.
You have battles to fight everyday.
Obstacles to overcome.
And emerge a winner.
The world’s best entrepreneurs, movers and shakers are able to outwork, outperform and outdo
their competition not just because of their smarts, teams and sophisticated tools.
The best of the the best know that the secret to extraordinary results in business and life is to
keep their physical health in top notch condition.
So let me ask you this.
How would you rate your health this year?
This isn’t a rant to drop 20 pounds.
Nor am I going to tell you that have to measure your food everyday and get by on green
smoothies, until you can rock black leather pants.
What I am about to tell you is to pick ONE healthy habit and commit to it for the first quarter (January through March).
Why the first quarter? Because by then, you’ll have formed this habit and it will be ingrained on your mind and body.
What could this one healthy habit be?
  • Eat dinner by 7 PM (and not eat until the following day).
  • Take a daily walk for 30 minutes or any form of cardio that you choose.
  • Get some fresh air for an hour in your working day.
  • Get more quality sleep.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Increase your intake of green veggies.
  • Reduce sugar consumption.
  • Hire a personal trainer.
  • Lift weights.
So what healthy habit are you going to commit to for the first 90 days of the new year?
# 3 – Make time with people you love
Are you scheduling time to be with the people who matter most in your life?
I know this sounds like a cliche, and something that’s always taken for granted (I’ve got my hand raised up high for this one).
Like I can’t even count on the number of times I’ve put off spending time with my husband just because I’ve a deadline on a blog post coming up. I feel spouses usually have it the worst of the lot!
So going in 2018, I’ve started scheduling time off in my calendar so that I can spend quality moments with….
My spouse – yes to more movie and dinner dates with my honey.
My kids –  other than just showing up at the bus stop and eating meals together.
My friends – squeezing in a day in the week to having coffee with them instead of doing a coffee run to replenish my caffeine deprived system.
My family (other than my spouse and kids) – Making multiple trips to see my mom and sister who live on the other side of the Atlantic.
And last but not the least; myself.
I vow to take care of myself and nourish my spirit and body in ways that feel joyful to me.
Now back to you.
What relationships do you want to make time for in 2018?
Here’s to making 2018 a prosperous and a fantastic year not just in business but also your personal life.
By committing to up-leveling in three key areas of your life, such as:
  1. Delegating so that you do less busy work
  2. Getting your health on track
  3. Making time for people that matter the most
You can be a happier entrepreneur and not one that’s miserable and burnt out.
Have you made goals (non-business) for 2018?
Share below!
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